CALVIN TECHNO TOUCH, BANGLADESH have been borned on 2001 for facing challenging works, maintaining proper schedule and quality in the field of Road works, Telecom Tower works, Building construction including river protection work. Our experience team also fit for Mechanical fabrication , Mechanical maintenance of equipment and Critical  Electrical works also. After born we achieved lot of releted project which we are completed with thanks from our honorable clients

The ingenuity, reliability and performance we exponed earlier for our client inform us to face any related critical works ahead.

Field of Activities :
Construction Engineering :
Design and construction of Multistoried Building , School , Shelters.
Interior & Exterior Design and Construction
Bridges and Culverts  
Roads and Highways  
Telecommunication tower work.

Mechanical Engineering:

Fuel Storage Tanks  
Industrial Plants Erection  
Mechanical Fabrication  
Construction equipment renting and major maintenance

Sub-Structure and Foundation:

Cast –in- Situ R.C.C Piling
Pre-cast and Pre-Stressed R.C.C Piling
Ground Compaction by Mechanical Means
Sheet pile using Vibratory Hammer.
BTS Shelter( Collapsible)
Supply to all Construction Materials for Civil  & Electrical Works
High Pressure Pipe(Gas)  
High Pressure Pipe( Hydraulic)
Lab. Equipment( Civil Work)
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